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That's me! Check out my happy place - Fort Funston, San Francisco :)

That's me! Check out my happy place - Fort Funston, San Francisco :)


Hello there!

My name is Ashley Cosmi. I am a Bay Area native with a creative mind and a big heart. I enjoy spending time outdoors whether it be on a hike, riding my bike through Golden Gate Park, or running on the beach. During many of these activities I'm happy to have my adventure buddies at my side; my husband, my son and my giant fluffy Goldendoodle, Odie.

I have a passion for design, animation & photography. I pull inspiration from my daily activities and personal hobbies as well as my research of the latest trends. I believe that as a creative I should be taking every opportunity to grow and learn. This process is lifelong for both my work and my creative mind.

My creative process first began in High School when I took a photography class my freshman year. After developing my first roll of film I was immediately hooked. My time in the darkroom were moments in the day that I cherished most. I enjoyed the process of challenging myself to try something new and to put together a collection of photos that truly meant something to me. 

I attended college at Sacramento State where I received my BA in Photography, as well as a Minor in Marketing. I believe this combination helped me of course grow as a creative person, but also helped me to understand the business side of the process. I learned that it is extremely important to think about your audience and what they'd most connect with.

During my time at Sac State, I interned with CBS Sacramento (KOVR), and a new passion was sparked; graphic design and motion graphics. This internship eventually lead to a full-time gig after graduation. I worked closely with the investigative news team to produce infographics that helped explain difficult concepts to the audience. I also collaborated with the Sales team and their clients, and produced commercials, print, and web ads.

After working with KOVR for a couple of years, I jumped at an opportunity to work with CBS (KPIX) in the SF Bay Area. This was a bigger market that expected a higher level of work from me, which meant a new challenge and faster growth. It was with pride that I accepted an Emmy award from one of the first news projects I worked on, in which I designed the entire special graphic look. Day-to-day I collaborate closely with the sales, promotions, and news team and each day brings new projects with new clients.

Currently I balance freelance opportunities I find through networking, along with my full-time job with CBS. I enjoy meeting new people and making them happy through the creative solutions that I'm able to provide. I look forward to the next challenge that may come my way.

Thanks for reading! For a more detailed work history, please check out the résumé tab above.

Ashley Cosmi