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Personal Summary

I’ve built my career by working on a variety of projects and roles within CBS Broadcasting, mostly as a graphic designer, but also as a photographer, animator, social media and marketing whiz, and overall creative guru. I’m not only used to wearing many hats, but I sincerely enjoy it. I thrive in a fast-paced environment where no two work days are exactly the same. In addition to being flexible and responsive, I’m also a fanatic for details - particularly when it comes to designing cohesive brand assets. This has led me to become an expert during my daily use of the Adobe Creative Suite - of which I've been working with for over 7.5 years. 


Work Experience




I currently work for KPIX 5 in San Francisco with the Creative Services team. We function as an in-house design agency & collaborate with many different departments including news, sales, commercial production, marketing, engineering, and more.

We provide each department with creative one-on-one service. On any given day you can find me animating a commercial for a sales client, strategizing with a reporter to create a package graphic, storyboarding a social media campaign, or designing a poster for an upcoming community event. I am excited to get to work with many different mediums and clients, all while balancing many different deadlines.

I’m also ecstatic to be able to also utilize my BA in Photography, which I’ve been tasked with setting up a photo studio for the station and am in charge of updating all official talent headshots. I also shoot stills for community events hosted by KPIX, where I get to meet and interact with many different groups of people while capturing the event through my camera lens.



JAN 2010 - AUG 2013

My career with CBS began as an internship in 2010, and shortly thereafter I was hired as a full-time employee and fit in seamlessly with the team.

This opportunity with CBS Sacramento taught me to edit my design in a timely manner and meet insane deadlines for breaking news. Through working with the Adobe Creative Suite, I built custom title animations as well as created commercials for sales clients and pixel-perfect print projects.

After working full-time with CBS Sacramento for 2 years, an opportunity at CBS San Francisco popped up and I jumped at the opportunity to develop my skills but still stay within the company that I loved. 



2012 - 2017

Yes, the cost of living in the Bay Area is insane. How do I cope? With my graphic design side hustle.

As a freelance graphic designer I work as an independent contractor to develop original solutions with a high visual impact for my clients. Some of the work activities I commonly find myself doing are: networking, seeking projects, negotiating fees, discussing requirements, developing new ideas, presenting solutions to clients, and ensuring projects are completed in time.

The skills I've developed and nurtured while in this role are creativity, self motivation, specialized software expertise, attention to details, deadline orientation, and good communication skills. 



2009 - 2011

I began working with The State Hornet newspaper as a staff photographer, was promoted to senior photographer, and eventually made my way up to graphics editor.

Working on the paper taught me to collaborate creatively with a group, to participate in group critiques, to stick to strict deadlines, and to provide fresh and creative ideas. I viewed each story as an opportunity to try something new and with that attitude I was voted “best photographer” on staff in my first semester with the paper.

In my last semester I branched out and became managing graphics editor for the paper and was awarded “best graphic” in the Spring 2011 semester.




California State University, Sacramento - B.A. in Photography & Marketing Minor, Graduated 2011